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Dalhart Windberg

A Texas native, Dalhart Windberg began attracting national attention in the 1960’s. He began painting when he was a child on his parents farm in Goliad, Texas. At his mothers urging, he sought the best art training in the area, first taking lessons from Sister Mary Eligius, a Catholic sister in Goliad; then with Mr. Simon Michael in Rockport, where he studied seascape, landscape, still life and life drawing. As a young man, Windberg toured the museums of Europe, studying the development of European art through the centuries. The native Texan was most impressed by the work of Renaissance masters. The smooth brush technique developed by Windberg is his own variation of the masters styles. His smooth canvases, fragile in appearance, each shade and color blending into others, have become his distinctive style. Also skilled with the palette knife, he creates these paintings with vibrant color and texture.

Dalhart’s work depicts a world not as it exists, but as we would all like it to be -forests that hold no threat, shadows that hide no evil. His works embody a strenuous, lifelong devotion to the classical technique and a gentle view of an often harsh and weary world-a subtle combination which creates the unmistakable Windberg style.

Dalhart’s art is not defined by subject matter, style of painting or by any convenient association with a "school of art". The uncommon thread that runs through all of his work is the unmistakable quality of a master painter. His exquisite still lifes exhibit the same depth of insight as his landscapes and both may be rendered with either Windberg’s unique smooth surface technique or his dramatic painting knife style. He has executed romantic still lifes and figurative oil paintings depicting life in Mexico, Spain and Greece; but it is his American landscape works which have captured the imagination of collectors. These paintings have a universal appeal in that they evoke feelings of peace and a vision of natural harmony in the midst of our modern chaotic world. Windberg is a romantic realist whose works embody a strenuous, lifelong devotion to his art.

He has had numerous one-man shows and his paintings are in many corporate and private collections. Two biographies have been written about the artist . In The paths of the Masters, published in 1978 and Dalhart Windberg - Artist of Texas, published by the University of Texas press in 1984. Its title was bestowed on the artist by the state legislature in 1979. He has also written a book describing his "smooth surface" technique of oil painting. Windberg and his works have been featured in many publications, including Southwest Art, U.S. Art, Art Of The West, and Collectors Mart.

A lifetime of dedication as an artist has made Windberg one of the most widely known and collected artists in America. Many collectors have discovered the art of Windberg through the reproductions published from his original oil paintings. Collectors now own well over 1,000,000 prints from his 150+ sold out editions. From four to six new editions are released each year and are sold by over 400 art galleries and frame shops nationwide. In addition to his painting career, Windberg continues to teach workshops across the country and develop new materials for artists.
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