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Jim Pursley

Jim Pursley, a native of San Antonio, has always liked to draw. However, he did not take up painting until 1980 at the age of thirty-six.

Pursley bought a set of watercolors and began teaching himself how to use them. An “experimenter” and a perfectionist by nature, his style evolved into what it is today. More recently, he has transpired his watercolor technique and self-taught himself to use oils as well. His work is far removed from the local art scene. He strives to show the viewer his feelings towards the subject he chooses utilizing light and mood.

Those that know him say that he is a perfectionist. He is very modest. When asked by a number of very successful watercolorists in the area if he would give a workshop and demonstration, his response was, “Golly, I couldn’t do that. Who would want to watch me paint?”

If one were to see Jim in any of the other forty-nine states, one would know immediately that he is a Texan. He is a lanky six feet plus, broad in the shoulders, wears jeans and boots and speaks Texan. He is a master aircraft mechanic by trade and loves to build things – anything. His granddaughter says that he plays a mean harmonica. Jim is one of the nicest individuals one could meet. His dry brush technique is one that leaves a lasting impression on his admirers.
  • Oil and Watercolor

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