NanEtte Richardson Gallery

Robert Hamman

Robert Hamman (born 1938) was one of the first artists to see his hometown of San Antonio through romantic eyes. The Riverwalk, the missions, the old residential areas, and the Spanish Governor’s Palace are painted with soft edges and glowing colors, capturing the true essence of one of America’s oldest cities.

Long attracted to the Victorian and Edwardian periods, travel in Europe heightened his interest in these eras. Canvases speak of gaslights on cobbled streets, horse drawn carriages, and sidewalk cafes in a more gracious time. Children at play on the seashore and boating parties on tranquil lakes are favorite themes.

The combination and overlaying of a wide range of colors creates a striking yet subtle effect. The influence of both American and French impressionists is evident in Hamman’s work, yet he remains his own man with his own style.

We have represented Robert Hamman since 1987.
  • Oil
  • Bachelor’s Degree, St. Edward’s University, Austin, TX

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